Start of principle photography of „Exodus – Flight of the children“ (WT)

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Feo Aladag produces TV film with star cast (among others Jesper Christensen, Milan Peschel, Alwara Höfels and Katja Riemann) about unaccompanied underage refugees and their situation in Germany. EXODUS tells the story of 17 years old Mali refugee Nama (Nama Traore) and his arrival in Germany. Nama, who had to flee from Mali to Germany himself, plays the main role and is in front of the camera for the first time.
The shooting takes place in Berlin and Niamey (Niger/West Africa) until the end of May 2016. Written and directed by Feo Aladag, Production by Feo Aladags filmproduction Independent Artists, Editor for ZDF: Daniel Blum